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    April 28, 2020

    There is a place in delta, sited at 1100 feet above sea level, it’s breathtaking, awe-inspiring, heart-stirring and spine-tingling, yes it’s one of the finest place you will ever visit on this side of the Atlantic!

    Surely you must have either heard or read about the acient seven wonders of the world; the Pyramids of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon, the statue of Zeus, the temple of Artemis, Collosus of Rhodes, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the light house of Alexandria!

    You surely must have read or heard too about the seven new wonders of the world comprising the Taj Mahal, Great China Wall, Petra, Christ the Redeemer statue, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza and the Rome Colloseum.

    Mount Ned Nwoko, built on a sprawling 30 hectares of lush vegetation, is truly nature at its finest with a blend of the best modern architectural design and with it modelled after the impeccable and flawless character of its founder Prince Ned Nwoko, we expected nothing other than a perfected master piece and that’s exactly what we got!

    Mount Ned Nwoko, located at the entrance of the peaceful Idumuje-Ugboko community in aniocha north local government area of delta state, at 1000 ft above sea level stands at the highest point in all of delta, i hear that opticians refer patients here, for if ever you want to test how far your eyes can see, the iconic Mount Ned Tower standing at 1100 ft above sea level provides the perfect opportunity!

    Delta state, a product of the August 27th 1991 divorce of the Edo Delta union, popularly called BenDel, has remained one of the most talked about state in Nigeria, but since 2005 when Mount Ned was commissioned, delta majorly known for its richness in oil and gas, left the national stage, it became a point of global focus, the commissioning of Mount Ned Nwoko placed it on the international map!

    Mount Ned Nwoko, a tourist haven and the eight wonder of the world offers a plethora of mesmerizing options, from the spectacularly hand carved villa of Eden, to the iconic Mount Ned tower, the lush green 18 hole golf course, the seven streams and seven tombs, everywhere on this peak is eye catching!

    Mount Ned Nwoko, the 8th wonder of the world is divided into three sections, firstly the Museum like Mansion called the VILLA OF EDEN, oh a pleasure seeker delight, home to rare antiques and artefacts from around the world, with the water fountain providing the first cool reception at the Villa, tales has been told of it being the original fountain of youth!

    Next up is the FRUIT FARM, from regular fruits like pawpaw, pineapples, oranges, mangoes, tangerines, avocados, grapes, apples, bananas and lemons, to palm, fig, cashew nuts, kola nuts, aloe vera, barbells (baubau) and olives, Mount Ned has all in abundance, all together there are over 10,000 trees in this paradise!

    THE PARK/ANIMAL KINGDOM forms the third section of this wonderland, this area of the resort is an adventurers delight, take a walk around the park named LILLY, and you will see why Mount Ned Nwoko remains the destination of choice for international tourists!

    The animal kingdom, home to antelopes, hawks, pigeons, crowns, porcupines, dove, birds, geese, ducks, goats, lambs, cows, crocodiles, peacocks, tortoises, ostriches, monkeys, emus, donkeys, horses, added to the over 100,000 cat fish (oh now i crave for barbeque) and hens, you will see truly that there is something for everyone, and with a man made lake coming soon, there is certainly more reason why you should tour the most visited site in delta!

    What about the array of sporting activities the resort offers, the standard lawn tennis court, olympic sized swimming pool, dart board, pool table, ping pong table and standard football field, indeed at MOUNT NED NWOKO, the options are so many one becomes spoilt for choice!

    Finally it’s worth noting here that although this 8th wonder of the world is a fusion of many cultures, Prince Ned Nwoko a man with so much love for his roots ensured that his culture forms the bane of this masterpiece, simply put there is something for everyone at MOUNT NED NWOKO, the very reason it remains a tourist delight for over a decade now and by extension placed delta state on the international map, just Google delta from anywhere in the world, and MOUNT NED NWOKO, will be amongst the top search result!

    Don’t just take my words for it, the gates opened all year long, bars no one, Mount Ned Nwoko knows no race, religion or colour, why not go see things for yourself, alas one visit and you will have found a second home, should you get there by nightfall, unlike Joshua who prayed for the Sun to stand still, your prayer will be for night to tarry as the sight at dark is so magnificent and enthralling!

    God bless Prince Ned Nwoko for turning such a huge vision into a reality, deltans are indeed grateful for this masterpiece, and like Alice, many destinies has been fulfilled on this wonderland!